The Redefine Custom Jewelry experience is an intimate and interactive approach to custom design, showcasing your unique style, your individuality, your approach to life. Over the years we accumulate jewelry that becomes old or dated and while we love the sentiment we no longer like the style. Redefine Jewelry takes custom design to a new level by redesigning your old jewelry into new pieces using your diamonds and precious gemstones.

No matter where you are in life, Redefine Jewelry wants to be your first thought when you think about jewelry. We create extraordinary bespoke custom jewelry designs, using jewelry you otherwise might never wear. We also create astounding pieces made just for you by crafting the jewelry from the stone on up. If you’re looking for something more immediate, our artisans have created exceptional limited-edition pieces available in our design studio. Whether your taste in jewelry is classic, contemporary, art deco, modern or edgy, we design in all realms. If you can imagine it we can Redefine it.