Gary Kirby has been designing and creating jewelry for 40 years. His background includes the Gemological Institute of America as well as an education and degree in goldsmithing, fabrication, lost wax casting, stone setting and design. Gary’s work experience spans all aspects of the jewelry industry and have worked in some of the finest establishments around the country. Redefine clients span all walks of life from first time jewelry buyers to long time collectors. His knowledge and expertise combined with a profound belief in one-on-one relationships with their clients has earned a reputation of being a trustworthy authority in high jewelry. Gary looks forward to meeting you and and celebrating your many moments of life and love with Redefine

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Come visit us! Redefine Jewelry is located at Kierland Corporate Center in Scottsdale  (7047 E Greenway Parkway, Suite 250; tap the map below to get directions from Google.)

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A Transformative Approach

It is a true pleasure living and loving alongside you and your family, helping you remember & celebrate special events with a heartfelt gift of jewelry. After many years working with so many of you, we are so excited to be able to bring you Redefine Jewelry, our own custom design jewelry studio. The name and concept of the studio blossomed from something we hold very dear to us… Redefining oneself.

My vision came to us by way of a very special introduction and, because of this twist of fate, Redefine a jewelry design studio was a creation seven years in the making.

The Redefine Jewelry story begins with a client we now call our dearest friend.

One day, she contacted me, having several pieces of jewelry that had been special gifts over the years. While the stones were too valuable and sentimental to toss aside or ignore, the styles of the jewelry no longer expressed the person she was. She was at a loss with how to utilize them, because they were all very important and sentimental to her in their individual ways.

We crafted a plan, and literally stone by stone, we launched a project to remake the collection that would consume over a year. I carefully broke apart all of the jewelry and utilized the stones in new, chic and creative ways.

With every piece we made she got to tell her story… the story of how it was presented to her, the sheer joy of a surprise gift, the special inherited piece from her mother and even the way she treated herself… just because. The re-created collection of jewelry now takes on a different story, some of the past and some of the now, she is new and Redefined.

Whether you desire a brand new and artistic piece from our artisan design collection or you have something you need to Redefine for yourself, know that you will feel important, celebrated and even transformed by the Redefine Jewelry studio experience.

Redefine a jewelry design studio
7047 E. Greenway Parkway, Suite 250
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

we are available Monday through Friday, 10AM until 5PM
evenings & weekends by request
(602) 909-4660