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The best is barely good enough

old world traditions meet the cutting edge of technology

Redefine Jewelry utilizes Old World European Craftsmen, whose techniques and skills passed-down from generation to generation. These skilled artisans looked over the shoulders of their fathers and grandfathers, learning the most coveted secrets and traditions in metalsmithing.

All of the artistry we create at Redefine Jewelry is handmade, starting with hand-drawn sketches. Next, wax carvings are created, and the stones test fit. Finally, we cast the piece in precious metal and set the stones. We have a profound love of thoughtful stone selection, meticulous finishing work, and attention to detail. It is what we do… our passion, and you can see it in every finished design.

For our exclusive designs, Redefine Jewelry uses only the finest metals available. In the time-honored High Jewelry tradition, we master mix all our own metal alloys to create the perfect color.

Our 18 Karat yellow gold is rich, bold and royal, in look as well as feel. Redefine’s 18 Karat white gold is bright, beautiful and polished looking.

Platinum is the purest and most rare of precious metals. It is also the most costly and difficult to work. Very few jewelry houses can cast platinum efficiently. Redefine, however, has Master Craftsmen skilled in platinum artistry.

And while we look to the past for inspiration and quality in the finest traditions of jewelry craftsmanship, Redefine is firmly planted in the 21st Century. Our designs are bold and innovative, melding classic & traditional with vision & insight. Beyond just fashion and forward-thinking, Redefine takes jewelry in a completely new direction.

Nothing would please us more than to have you join us on this journey. Let us help Redefine what jewelry means to you today. If you cannot stop by our Scottsdale showroom, please give us a call at (877) 225-4033, or use the contact form located on the bottom of this page.