Madame Butterfly

Not every Redefinition begins with existing jewelry. Sometimes it’s a memory, a story, or an idea that our clients present to us. We intern bring these visions to life in the most exquisite detail. Here at Redefine Jewelry we use the finest in craftsmanship and it’s traditions and standards of High Jewelry to create one of a kind sculptures of art.

A Story of Love

It was a perfect spring day when out in the wildflower meadow he felt a sudden excitement and a spontaneous state of mind…Vigorously he picked a handful of romantic wild flowers to give to his beloved. 

He looked down at his hand and his one bouquet felt sparse. Grabbing three buckets he filled them with the wild flowers, dodging the playful butterflies over head who seemed delighted to be apart of his feverish furry. He picked so many he could hardly hold them…It struck him just then, he was not gathering just flowers he was filling the buckets with his love. 

Secretly he opened her car door and loaded the buckets in one by one until the entire backseat had been filled with the over flowing wild flowers. As he turned around to grab the final bucket he looked out into the field only to see the two dancing butterflies racing playfully from one flower top to another almost as if dancing in air. He hid in the field near by to await her reaction.

As she opened the car door vibrant pink, red, purple and yellow wildflowers lay the canvas for what would be her most memorable surprise in their twenty five years of marriage. A true gesture of his love and gratitude for her.