Pink Spinel Ring

Made for you by Redefine Jewelry

Custom Commissioned Jewelry that Redefines the way you look at custom design.

Redefine Jewelry offers a unique and exclusive service to our jewelry enthusiast which allows you to be the most important part of creating  a one of kind and handcrafted piece of jewelry. Your Redefine will reflect all that you have always dreamed of in a custom design.  It is an intimate and personal process made just for you which will Redefine the way you look at jewelry. 

Our very personal one on one design services will emphasize the most important part of the jewelry, that which reflects you. 

We start by selecting a stone, whether it be a colored gemstone, diamond, pearl or a stone from your personal collection needing to be redesigned. We at Redefine have a love and appreciation for  working in all gemstones. 

After the stone is selected we will show you different examples of jewelry designs and styles to get an understanding of your personal taste. Whether your style is contemporary, classic, edgy, modern, art deco or art nouveau,  we design in all jewelry styles and realms. We love and listen to all of your ideas in design and make sure they are reflected in your Redefine piece. 

Once your style of jewelry is selected Redefine creates a customized hand drawn sketch that illuminates your center stone, personal taste and price point. A wax is carved and viewed for you to approve and set forth in the final stages of creation.

After you approve your wax, our master craftsmen work meticulously to handcraft your one of a kind custom creation. A true reflection of your hearts inner most desires brought to life in precious metals and gemstones. A joyous Redefinition made for you.

The experience of a custom commissioned piece will make you Redefine the way you look at jewelry.

Real Beauty, Real Moments, Redefine Yourself.